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Nish Realty, Inc. provides property management services for third-party clients and partnership investors for all property types. We consistently work to enhance the value of our properties and produce high yield returns for investors.

The company has the unique ability to offer first-class, expert management of value-added investments. We accomplish this by applying the real estate and finance expertise of Nish Realty, along with the expertise from other best-in-class professionals to always have a balanced team approach. We also evaluate every asset on an individual basis to ensure optimal performance across the entire portfolio.

Nish Realty, Inc. recognizes the challenges and opportunities in the proactive management of properties, tenants and vendors at each location, and in all cases, we manage as if we are the owner. Our focus is always minimizing risk and maximizing returns from real estate investments.

  • Partnership Syndication
  • Property Management
  • Asset Management Services
  • Investment Property Sales
  • Land development management services
  • Advisory services